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SMART ELEC is a SERVICE -PLATFORM (FRAMEWORK) based on MOBILE APPLICATION and beyond to Ensure a Hassle and Tension free, Comfortable, Economic and Secured Living Experiences in Community Housing Complexes of Urban India and Regions with similar Socioeconomic Structure by Harnessing the Power and Strength of Community Living to the advantage of each family residing in the Complex.


It is a basic necessity for living in large community housing projects to warrant and uphold its three underlying value propositions i.e. In-Campus conditions for economic living comfortable living & secured living.


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Large Community Housing Estates: the only Succour to Indian Middle class

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     Community Housing is the most preferred and may be the only Residence Format Option available to ever-growing number of Urban Middle Class families in India and other Developing Countries. To fully appreciate the Title Statement, one has to take a close look at Indian Economic Growth Story and the Process of accelerating Economic

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Community Housing Estates’ Value Propositions are Most Important K.R.A for Facility Managers and Real Estate Developers (PART I)

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KRA (Key Result Area) is a buzzing term in Human Resource Management Glossary. Meaningful KRA definition for an Individual staff member is necessarily the derivatives of Key Result Area Definitions of the concerned Business or Industry to which he/ she belongs. All Businesses are Customer-centric and Perceived Needs of Customer vary to a certain extent

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