Large Community Housing Estates: the only Succour to Indian Middle class

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Large Community Housing Estates: the only Succour to Indian Middle class


     Community Housing is the most preferred and may be the only Residence Format Option available to ever-growing number of Urban Middle Class families in India and other Developing Countries. To fully appreciate the Title Statement, one has to take a close look at Indian Economic Growth Story and the Process of accelerating Economic Growth.

Barring the aberrations of 2011 to 2014 due to Global Economic Doldrums, even the most cynical would agree that for almost a decade Indian Economy (GDP) has been growing at a reasonably fast rate of around 8-9% pa to pursue mass poverty eradication by 2030, an achievable and realistic target at current population growth rate of 1.3% pa.

Achieving the desired growth trajectory needs Massive Capital Infusion to build Basic Infrastructure, most vital to generate Additional Employment Opportunities, the Economic Growth Barometer. Efficient / Optimal Use of Capital Infused insist on Infrastructure Build Up concentration in and around existing and upcoming cities/ township.

As natural fallout of the economic growth, more and more people through education and training migrate from unskilled to skilled category and skilled people move to higher income bracket. With added Employment Generation in Urban and Semi-urban regions more and more people shift from Rural Habitats to Cities/ towns and their suburbs where land for Habitation is a very scarce and expensive.

The very notion of owning and managing Individual Houses with modern amenities and conveniences is driven beyond the imagination of urban mass by the fast pace of economic growth . Residing in individually owned building remains the prerogatives of handful of persons with Ultrahigh Income and comprising the urban top brass.

Whereas the unskilled or semiskilled urban labourers find shelter in slums sprawling all over the city and adjoining areas, most Middleclass Families opt for large Community Housing Establishments that hold the promises of providing most Economic Shelter with modern Living Comforts and Amenities in a Secured Environment. Oft seen Demolitions of Old individually owned Buildings and at times a cluster of such Buildings in cities and towns to make room for standalone Hi-rise Condominiums are compromises to derive some of the assurances of Large Community Housing Establishments