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(Enhances Living Experiences In Community Housing)


ELEC :Our Brand Signature

asc Computer Grassroots Pvt. Ltd. dedicates ELEC to serve Urban Middle Class Community:
India’s continued Economic Growth spanning over almost last two decades at a moderate pace of 6-10% per annum is expected to continue with almost same momentum for another two decades to achieve national goal of mass poverty alleviation.

Sustained growth momentum would depend on Infrastructure Development for creating new production facilities/ service centres with New Employment Opportunities, the end objective of Economic Growth. Effective utilisation of Capital for Infrastructure Development and in turn for new job creation has naturally made Urban India the hub or epicentre of Economic Growth. Towns, Cities and their suburbs are therefore naturally the centres where both the population density as well as the growth rate is significantly higher than the national average.

With severe space constraint in Towns, Cities and suburbs, Community Housing remains the only Residence Format available to Growing Urban Middle Class Population.

However, of the three underlying value propositions of Economic, Comfortable and Secured Living Environment within Community Housing, the last one i.e. the Environment of Secured Living is the first Casualty (see ‘Why ELEC is necessary’ below) in post occupancy scenario. Oft reported Security breaches in large housing complexes prompted asc Computer Grassroots to Develop ELEC.

About ELEC:

It is a multiport multi-module IVR Centric and Biometrics Enabled System to support entire Operations and Management of Residential Complexes, the most popular Residential Format in India and other Developing Countries. 360oBiometrically Authenticated Certification Cum Recognition based Visitor Management Module (VMM) is the Core Module of ELEC.

Other ELEC Modules are built around VMM viz.

  • i) Care and Convenience Module
  • ii) Ownership Transfer and Tenancy Management Module
  • iii) Housekeeping & Maintenance Management Module
  • iv) Customer and Public Relation Module
  • v) Book Keeping and Accounts Management Module,
  • vi) Document Management Module, etc.

Why ELEC is necessary:

    Availability of Secured, Economic and Comfortable Living Environment are the promises of any large Residential Complexes. Unfortunately Secured Living Condition is the first casualty in post occupancy scenario due to following typical factors of Indian Origin:
  1. Overdependence on too many non family members for daily domestic and personal work due to very socio-economic culture of Indian Subcontinent
  2. Urban Indian Families mostly nuclear
  3. Rise in numbers of Physically and Mentally challenged family members due to Longevity enhanced by Developments in Medical Science.
  4. Long hours of absence from home of Physically Fit and Responsible Adult for Professional Activities
  5. Thanks to Rapid Progress in Telecommunications in India, mobile telephony affordable even to lower income strata of Urban Indian Citizens. Mobile telephones perhaps the biggest ammunitions in the hands of not only terrorists but also of petty criminals involved in technically well orchestrated and well timed theft, burglary, kidnapping, sexual assaults, etc. often leading to murders and gross physical injuries when met with resistance
  6. Identity and Purpose Frauds : 2 modalities of Petty Criminals for intruding into family homes during long hours of absence of Physically Fit and Responsible Adults
  7. In Current Geo-Political Scenario and under prevailing Security Management System , Community Housings are very likely to become easy targets for Terrorist / subversive politically motivated attacks
  8. Manual Security Systems at Large Condominiums : Grossly inadequate to detect fraudsters amidst 50-100,000 footfalls /day (Estimate for a 2000 -3000 Apartments Complex) at entry and exit points ; 40-50 % footfalls occur during 20-25% of time in a day
  9. Few Modern Installations too are failing: Some under construction and just built complexes are provisioning for Basic IT enabled Surveillance System (mostly CCTV) as aid to manual security system; few issue digital image affixed access cards to return with host signature at Exit Point. Biometric identification of inmates for direct admission is available at Handful of complexes. Even these systems fail to detect fraudster intrusion in the absence of Provision to Capture Prima facie Visit Impact duly authenticated by Target Host on real time basis before Final Exit of a Visitor from a Housing Complex.
  10. Long Drawn Post Facto Investigation and equally long judiciary follow thru provide enough leeway for Petty Criminals
  11. Increasing trend of Vehicle theft for further criminal use and its abandonment at wrong places is also a matter of Concern for Large Housing Complexes and it is a global phenomenon.
  12. Technology Application is Necessary to combat technologically well orchestrated fraudulent intrusion in large condominiums. Persistent feeling of Insecurity at Home may cause Group Psychological distractions and Productivity loss for middle class community, the Key Driver of Indian Economic Growth. Unabated Security Breaches in the complexes may adversely impact the Continued Economic Growth Prospect.
  13. Reliable and cost effective Combating of fraudulent intrusion is not a technology development challenge, rather of logical integration of available technologies within a system Framework

ELEC ensures the Secured Living Environment at costs affordable to the Inmates of large Residential Complexes thru’ 360o Biometric Authentication cum Certification Protocol of its Core VMM.
Key Features of ELEC and its Operation:

  • ELEC is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform: ELEC clients don’t use any Computer: All Residential Complex inmates may not be accustomed to use of PC and are generally at ease with Telephone Instrument operations; also most complexes are furnished with Intercom Facility at individual apartments. It is therefore logical to develop Comprehensive TECHNOLOGY Based Visitor Management System on IVR so that Telephones are only used as Data Transaction Interface.
  • Fast Response 360 degree Biometric Checks: Biometric Identity based Access Control is a widely used application in commercial and industrial establishments.
    However, 360 degree Biometric Checks is the Distinctive Feature of ELEC (VMM) vis-à-vis General Biometric Access Control Systems. Visitor Identification (@20 to 30 Persons / minute in large complexes) at Campus Entry and Exit Check Points and Biometrically authenticated certification by Target Host from his/ her Apartment of on time Visitor Arrival at destination and real time zero damage Visit Impact on departure of Visitor from Apartment to ensure i) no Visitor gets lost for a while with harmful intent ii) no offending Visitor can find direct exit from the campus
  • ELEC clients use special purpose Embedded Systems (Code named TOBASFOT) linked to an apartment specific Intercom Instrument for Biometric Authentication Based Certification; it comprises of a Biometric Scanner with Algorithm for converting scanned images into Biometric Signature Files and comparing with stored Signature Files (of not more than 30 inmates of any apartment). When an apartment inmate uses the Intercom connected to IVR Server, TOBASFOT automatically collects, verifies and transmits continuously and repetitively User’s Biometric Signature File via Intercom to IVR Server during the entire duration of menu specific voice cum data transaction with IVR Server. Use of TOBASFOT ensures that only Target Host while remaining within his/her apartment certifies on time arrival of and zero damage visit completion by the concerned guest. It also makes certain that the entire transaction with IVR Server has been made by Target Host while in state of full consciousness.
  • Visitor Classification based entry and exit rules: ELEC classifies Visitors in to 4 Major Categories as follows: i) Complex Inmates with direct entry and exit rights ii) Visitors with Preregistered Hosts with fixed entry and exit protocols iii) Visitors with Variable host and destinations: as per defined protocol after disclosure and recording of purpose and host particulars and finally iv) New or Very Infrequent Visitor: Required to submit meta data for tagging with multimode Biometric Signatures taken on record at entry point; also disclosure of the purpose as well as host particulars and taking on record is necessary to determine the entry and exit protocol to be followed.

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