SMART ELEC is a SERVICE -PLATFORM (FRAMEWORK) based on MOBILE APPLICATION and beyond to Ensure a Hassle and Tension free, Comfortable, Economic and Secured Living Experiences in Community Housing Complexes of Urban India and Regions with similar Socioeconomic Structure by Harnessing the Power and Strength of Community Living to the advantage of each family residing in the Complex.


  • Nuclear Family Structure and Dependence on Non Family Members: Most Families depend on Non Family Members for Domestic Necessities requiring varieties of skills, capabilities and personal traits. To obtain Right Quality of Service at Right Time often becomes difficult for the family
  • Time Constraints for Domestic Necessities: Physically Fit and Responsible Adult (PFRA) Family Members are away from home for long hours and most of them commute long distances for professional pursuits. Even back home, many remain bogged down with professional work. While Housing Complex Administration attends to Common Area Maintenance and allied Activities, many domestic issues wait for PFRAs only who are always hard-pressed for time
  • Location Constraints for PFRAs: Most of Domestic Issue Resolutions demand presence of a PFRA at home during usual day work hours whereas most PFRAs are required to be away from home for professional activities pursuit.
  • Nominal Cash Availability at Home: Nominal cash at home due to proliferation of ATMs often makes payment to Service Providers and Vendors at doorstep difficult. Also cash payments to outsiders in the absence of PFRAs are fraught with many downsides.
  • Security, Quality and Monetary Risks: Getting unknown/little known persons or ones with Inadequate References at door step or within family homes has inherent Security Risks. Outcomes of One to one Deal with such outsiders are likely to be uncertain.
  • STATE OF MOBILE TELEPHONY A SILVER LINING FOR COMMUNITY HOUSING COMPLEX RESIDENTS: Behind the clouds of gloomy, stressful and irksome effects of continuing Indian Economic Growth on life of Urban Middle Class Community, it is the Developments in Mobile Telephony, another fall out Economic Growth Story that presents the silver linings for Community Housing Inmates. By harnessing the opportunities of creating and deploying mobile applications, Community Housing Complexes may Restore and Uphold their Underlying Value Propositions of Providing In Campus Environments for Comfortable, Economic and Secured Living.

How does SMARTELEC Work?

 SMART ELEC (SE) a Mobile Application based Framework not only connects Registered Resident Members to Registered Service Providers but also facilitates the entire process from Service Request Logging to End of Service Delivery through Close Monitoring and Transparent stage-wise Reporting to all Stakeholders. The Framework requires to be customised for a Specific Community Housing Complex as per guidelines of Housing Complex Administration Body. The Framework performs following tasks:

  1. Registration of All Stake Holders viz.
  2. All Flat Owners, All Residing Tenant Families
  3. All Service Providers *
  4. All Related Hardware Vendors & Service Vendors

* The List of Services and Service Providers included under the Frame work are as approved by the Complex Administration in the capacity of sole representative of All Flat Owners and All Residing Tenant Families.             

Suggested List of Services (final Selection by Specific Complex Admin):

SERVICE NAME                                                               SERVICE PROVIDER

  1. Common Area Interface (Electrical                                        Complex Admin
  2. Common Area Interface (Plumbing & Sanitary)            Complex Admin
  3. Common Area Interface ( Piped LPG)                                                                                Complex Admin
  4. Intercom Complex Admin
  5. Landline Telephone/ Broad Band / Cable TV                                                                                                Respective Service Provider
  6. Wiring, Power Supply, Luminaries, Fan, Etc                              Electrical Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  7. Plumbing & Sanitary work              Plumbing Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  8. Masonry, Ceramic Tile Work                         Civil Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  9. Indoor Painting                      Paint Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  10. Woodwork, Furniture ,Upholstery Repair                  Carpentry Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  11. Glazed Door/ Window Repair                      Aluminum Section & Glass Dealer
  12. Grill, Collapsible Gate Repair            Fabricator
  13. Interior Decoration                                                                                       Interior D esigner Contractor
  14. Laptop/ Desktop/ Printer                                                              Computer Service Center
  15. AC, Fridge, Air Cooler Maintenance & Repair          OEM/ Maintenance Contractor + Hardware Vendor
  16. Repair cum Maintenance of other Consumer Durables                OEM/Specific Service Centers

(e.g. TV, Washing Machine, Geyser, Kitchen Chimney,                                                                                                     Water Purifier, Mixer Grinder, Juicer, Toaster, Room Heater, etc.)

  1. Door Unlock                                                                           Lock & Key Maker   
  2. Vegetables                                                                            Vegetable Vendor
  3. Grocery and Provisions              Grocery & Provision Stores
  4. Housekeeping ( Toilet Cleaning, Materials shifting,

Room Cleaning, curtain, etc)                                                                                     House Keeping Contractor

  1. Driver (On demand)                                                     Drivers Association
  2. Car Rental                                                        Rent a Car Service Provider
  3. Courier & Other Logistic Services                   Courier Service Providers   & Bulk Transporters
  4. Ambulance, Hearse                                                       Ambulance Service Agents
  5. Emergency Medical Support                 Panel of Local GP Doctors/ Local Nursing Home
  6. Nursing & Paramedic                                                       Local Nurse Association
  7. Medicine Local Medicine Store (24 X 7 Service)            
  8. Readymade Food                                              Community Kitchen Service  
  9. Part time Assistance(Domestic Help /Cook/

Attendant/Car-washer/Full time Driver)                                                    Individuals in Complex Register

  1. Laundry/ Ironing                Individuals in Complex Register/ Laundry Shop        
  2. News Paper/ Magazine                                            News Paper/ Magazine Vendor
  3. Milk Supply                                                                               Milk Vendor
  4. Any other Service specified by a Housing Complex.

 Natures of Services Listed above are not similar with respect to Delivery Processes, Quantification of Deliverables, Pricing Models, etc. Each Complex is Unique in terms Construction standardize on fittings, fixtures, mountings, installation design and procedures.


  • Connects Registered Resident Members (RM) to Number of Registered and Fully Profiled Service Providers (SPs) along with individual Crew Personnel for Household Necessities
  • Provides 24 X 7 Facility for Service Requests (SRs) Registration with due Acknowledgement
  • Activity based start to finish transparent monitoring and co-ordination of all SRs
  • Tailored for Local and Unique Conditions of each Complex
  • Prioritizes Service Delivery based on Advised Criticality
  • Reliable and Consistent Service Quality from Registered Service Providers (SPs) and Hardware Vendors (HWVs)
  • Secured Service Delivery by Registered SP Crew Members
  • Recorded transfer of Warrantees and Guarantees from OEMs SPs and HWVs
  • Work Scope to Money Value Conversion as per Recorded Competitive, Negotiated and Agreed Price List and Schedule of Rates
  • No Cash Transactions between Resident and SPs & HWVs: PAYMENT GATEWAY for Prior Transfer of Fund to one’s a/c to a Common Corpus (e wallet) by All Registered Members for meeting obligations to SPs on completion of definite milestones in Service Delivery as certified by the concerned RM. SMART ELEC Certification of fund availability and allocation at start of Service delivery Process is a WIN-WIN step toward long term building of trust amongst all stake holders
  • Transparent Empanelment and Retention of HWVs and SPs based on Residents’ Feedback and Performance Analyses
  • Transparent Bookkeeping / Accounts Maintenance for all stake holders
  • Scope of SMART ELEC may be further enriched to include Total Visitor Management System (Under SMART ELEC II ) and Group Communication system.
  • Extra Servings on SMART ELEC Platter: (Beyond Mobile App) SMART ELEC Application provides for a free Customized Portal based supplement for Enabling the Housing Complex Administration to:-
    • View on line, Monitor and Manage all Common Area Problems/ Issues logged by Residents
    • Log On line all Common Area Issues reported off line ( over telephone/in   writing) under specific Complaint/Request ID and Report Status on Demand
    • View and Monitor Entry and Exit of All On Call SMART ELEC Registered Service Personnel Log and Monitor Entry and Exit of All Other Guests to the campus under mobile intimation to Registered Host Family Mobile
    • Maintain and Update Apartment wise Ownership Transfer Records (History) Online with Archiving of Relevant and Necessary Legal Documents in both Physical and Electronic Formats
    • Record, Maintain and Update Apartment wise Tenancy Records with Archiving of Relevant and Necessary Legal Documents in both Physical and Electronic Formats. Send timely Reminders to both parties regarding Termination/ Renewal of Tenancy Agreement and also Update Complex Security System
    • Record, Maintain and Update (on Request only and in cases of Ownership Transfer and Tenancy Termination ) Apartment Wise ICE (In Case of Emergency) Telephone Number
    • Mass Mobile Notification of important Events, Circulars, etc.
    • Collection of Common Area Maintenance fees through Payment Gateway
    • Develop and Retain a Team of Reliable Service Providers / Vendors for Common Area Maintenance through On line Budgeting, Fund Commitment, Transparent Payment System and Periodic performance Feedback
    • To Allow and Monitor Common Facility (Paid) Reservation and collect payments for the same from Residents through Payment Gateway
    • To cater Special Paid Services by Common Area Maintenance Personnel to Residents on request and collect payment on Service Completion


In addition to all features noted in earlier slides, SMART ELEC+ ensures Total In Campus Security by way of Intercepting at Final Campus Exit any Fraudulent Visitor with intent of performing or having performed any act of mischief. To ensure Total Security for Campus Inmates require small capital investment towards installation of Infrared IP Cameras and Flap Barriers at Pedestrian Gates and Boom Barriers with Number Plate Readers at Vehicle Gates. For Identifying Fraudsters amidst high footfall rate, we are exploring Use of Face Capture and Detection Systems.


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